Best thing since sliced bread…

chiro-symbolTwo years ago, I was involved in a car accident. While I was stopped at a light, my car was hit from behind. Damage to both vehicles was minor and I only suffered a little neck and upper back stiffness that seemed to go away after about a week. Six months later I began feeling recurrent headaches located behind my eye and into the back of my head. Medication was helpful for pain relief, initially, but the headache pain returned. The episodes were off and on for a while, then become daily. The drugs eventually become of no use and gave me no relief. My co-worker noticed that I had could not turn my head to the right as far I could to the left.

The neck stiffness and my recurrent headache pain was my motivation to ask for help. The best advice I received was from the man that I was to eventually marry. He suggested that I visit Dr. Blaine Gushaty, a chiropractor, for an assessment of my condition.

I had heard some scary stories about chiropractic care and was very skeptical. But my increasing pain, stiffness and fatigue prompted me to make the call. Dr. Gushaty and his staff were fabulous. They answered all my questions and gave me the feeling that I was in very good hands. Dr. Gushaty took the time to listen to my story and even asked some good questions that made me realize that my symptoms might have been the result of injuries that occurred months earlier due to my motor vehicle accident.

After a thorough physical examination and x-rays, Dr. Gushaty explained how trauma to my spine can result in soft tissue injury, ongoing muscle spasm and nerve irritation. On x-ray, my neck curved the wrong way; no wonder I had trouble turning.

He explained that the vertebra of my spine, which are stacked on top of each other, like building blocks, were supported in a precarious position requiring increased muscle activity to hold together. The medication I was taking was not restoring my spinal alignment back to its normal position, it was just dulling my nerves.

He proposed a strategy to help restore the alignment of the bones of my neck back and the tone of my muscles back to normal. He suggested this would relieve my neck pain, headaches and stiffness. And it did.
I currently visit Dr. Gushaty for my monthly maintenance adjustment. Thank you chiropractic!

Mrs. Mary Jane Cooke