Our Mission/Promise to you

4819874Thank you for choosing backstrong Health Group for your health care needs. We are committed to providing members of the practice with care of the highest quality.

Chiropractic is the healing system based on the understanding that maintaining the integrity of the spine is vital for good health. An unhealthy spine does not just cause backache or pain; it can also affect your mood, your ability to adapt to stress and your resistance to illness and disease.
It is our mission to move each patient from the treatment of symptoms through to wellness care so they may enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Your first visit in our office is primarily a fact finding one; to determine how we can best help you. During your initial consultation the doctor will learn about your health concerns. A thorough physical examination will determine if your health issues are related to muscular imbalance, structural alignment of your spine or to the dysfunction within your nervous system. Radiographic examination may be necessary in order have a full understanding of the alignment and health of your spine.

On your next visit, your Report of Findings visit, we explain the findings and how you may benefit from chiropractic. The doctor will also outline the recommendations for care.

We trust your ability to make the right health decisions for you and your family. In order to do this, however, you must first have accurate and complete information.
The first thing you must understand is that although many people do find relief while undergoing care, chiropractic is NOT the treatment of disease. Chiropractic IS concerned with removing the interference to the full expression of your health potential.

There are three types of chiropractic care: initial intensive care, rehabilitative care, and wellness care. The purpose of initial intensive care is to give you symptom relief and stabilize your spine. We will discuss your participation at this level of care during your second visit.
At backstrong Health Group, we look forward to a positive ongoing relationship with you and your family.