Massage Therapy for the Cold and Flu Season


From Kirsty Muirhead, RMT

It’s that time of year again… you know the one: stuffy noses, coughs, and all the lovely things that go along with it…

Cold and flu season.

So, what can you do to boost your immune system? Along with taking your vitamins (especially Vitamin C) and fueling your body full of nutrients, you can take further steps to prevent from succumbing to the nasty bug going around.

Massage is extremely beneficial to the prevention of colds and flus. It boosts your immune system by promoting circulation to assist in the building of antibodies, and thus assists your body in the fight again bacteria and infections. Through massage therapy and a healthy lifestyle, you can aid your body’s ability to fight back!

If you’ve ever had a therapeutic massage, you’ve probably heard your therapist tell you to “drink more water over the next 48 hours”. What makes that extra hydration essential? Simply put, therapeutic massage releases the hypertonicity in your muscles which releases toxins into your bloodstream. What’s the best way to rid your body of toxins? Flush them out with water! Allowing these toxins to build up over time can decrease your body’s ability to fight off infection. Aside from helping to prevent illness, hydration can help you to feel better faster.

Taking care of your body is an important step to preventing illness, and regular massage therapy sessions will help you get there by boosting your immune system, as well as leaving you with a sense of well-being. Give yourself the care you deserve, and the health you need!

Kirsty Muirhead is a Massage Therapist practicing at both our Quarry Park and Northland locations, providing clients with deep tissue massage. Call to book with her today, or visit our Online Booking Page

Toasty Toes

You do not have to go far to hear stories of struggle it seems. Many Albertans are experiencing a stressful year, from lay-offs to rebuilding from natural disasters. In any time of challenge though, you need not look far to see the reciprocal community support and opportunities for positive change. Of course, if you can’t see the change, as Mahatma Gandhi would say, “Be the change…”.

Backstrong Health Group invites you to join us in a simple campaign that can create change for many. As a proud participant in this year’s Toasty Toes campaign, we join the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, the United Way, and Wood’s Homes in collecting 25000 pairs of socks.  All donations will go towards shelters and programs across Alberta, supported by United Way and Wood’s Homes. Socks are the most requested item by shelters, yet are the least donated.

Donations will be accepted at both Northland and Quarry Park backstrong Health Group locations, Sept 1- October 1.

Help us warm the hearts (and feet!) of our community!

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have. — Margaret Mead

4 August 2016 Photo

Benefits of Massage Therapy

From Alysha Woodhead, LRMT

In these tough economic times, a lot of us are tempted to save our money and use it for other things. While it might be good to hold off from splurging on some things – clothes, nights out on the town, accessories – one very vital thing to make sure you have money to splurge on… your health!

Making sure you have money to spend on a massage is paramount! It releases the stress of your daily life, helps to fix what is out of the norm, and prepares you for whatever you may be facing in the future!

Making massage a priority is important because massage;

  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves the quality of restful sleep
  • Increases vitality
  • Aids in a calm state of mind
  • Helps you to recognize stress in its early stages (shoulder/neck pain, stomach issues, and many other warning signs)
  • Supports you psychologically by helping you better handle stress
  • Gives you more energy for other activities – playing with your kids, date night with your spouse, sports/activities, studying, etc.

So when you’re thinking about getting that extra latte (which could actually worsen the stress) hold off and pocket that money for a massage – a stress relief that will last for more than a couple of hours.

Alysha Woodhead is a Massage Therapist at our Quarry Park Location and provides clients with both therapeutic and deep tissue massage. Call to book with her today!